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Tips For Clear Skin

Your skin is a very important feature of yourself, to yourself it can really change your confidence levels. We all know the famous tips for clear skin: drink more water, incorporate a healthier diet, wash your face twice a day. But if they truly worked, why wouldn’t we all have gleaming clear skin that isn’t part of genetics. Here I have listed 3 amazing tips to help.
Don’t over wash your skin. This is one of the biggest problems to cause breakouts yet people still think they are doing the right thing. Too many products can dry out the natural oils in your skin, as well as the fact that if you are trying out new skincare you have never tried, the ingredients which can be harmful. Mixing a lot of different ingredients is also a no go which is the case with many new  may cause rashes, itching and a new breakout.

Pat your face dry when wet. Do not tug on your skin with a towel! This is a problem many people do which causes so many complications to your skin yet still thinking it’s comple…

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